Appvalley iOS and Android app

Do you know that you can download modified, cracked apps and apps that are not available in App Store from a third-party installer app store called Appvalley. Right here we are going to tell you how to do this and tell you everything little thing you need to know about appvalley iOS and Android app with download link.

Also, I recently discovered and discussed on the best appvalley alternative that is available for iOS with its alternatives that are available for android. I think you should have a glance look at it.

Hey, Android users listen very well here. I know you would love to download this, but other people won’t tell you the truth.

What’s is the truth?

The truth is that appvalley app isn’t accessible or available on Android phone. Yeah, that’s the plain truth. But don’t worry we have something in here for you ( appvalley alternatives that is working on android)

To the iPhone users listen, You don’t actually need to jailbreak iPhone to download and use this app.

Remember that all apps provided by appvalley are all free to download, even the paid apps that are in the app store . Amazing!!

You can also quickly take a glance on live lounge apk latest version, one of the best online video streaming app. It’s free to download.

Sometimes you might be asking yourself, is appvalley legit and trustworthy to use?

The answer is yes, but based on iOS operating system, you just need to do little trust verification and everything else will be set.

Enough of the introductions, let’s to download.

Appvalley For IOS

Notice: Endeavor to read the tutorial on how to download and install. We always recommend our readers to read more about this app, before or after download. Gaining more knowledge on how to download without errors, how appvalley works, its features, possible problems and it’s solutions will be good for you. So please read on.

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What Is Appvalley?

Appvalley iOS and Android app

Appvalley app or website is a third-party app installer platform for iOS that provides you with tweaked ++ apps ( twitter ++, facebook++, spotify ++, ++), jailbreak, modified and hacked games. e.t.c

If you are looking for source/where to download paid iOS apps and games for free then I think appvalley website or app will be in the position to perform this task.

Apart from downloading free apps and cracked games, it also provides apps games that are not available in App Store.

Features Of Appvalley.

Appvalley has been updated with some new features for better user experience, so what do you expect to see? Good features right? Yes. The features of this app are viz:

Download Everything For Free.

Every single thing available here are all free to download. So don’t expect you will be paying a dime.

Neat User Interface.

The recently updated version has dynamic, neat and easy to navigate interface.

Fast Downloading.

It’s also as fast as the tweakbox app. Once your internet connection is fast, everything will be fast, but incase you experience download problem, try check out our solution section in this post.

Apps Update Notification.

This feature ensures that every app you download and from appvalley website or app, once the updated version is available, you will automatically receive the updates through notification.

Note: You need to also download and install xtender app in order to avoid revokes.
To download this xtender app,

  • Go-to the An emergency alert will pop out at the top of your phone.
  • Click on “Get” and you are good to go.

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Requirements To Download Latest Appvalley iOS App.

Like I said earlier, the app is not available for android users. So to download.

  • Your device must be iOS(iPhone/iPad) ranging from iPhone 4 upwards.
  • Safari browser is the best browser to download this app, because other browsers always end up with download error.

How To Download And Install Appvalley.

There are two methods of downloading this app. If one method didn’t work, you try the other.

Method 1:

Step 1: You will have to visit appvalley website here.

Step 2: Wait for the website to load (at most 10secs.) once it opens click on “Install Appvalley” as shown in the screenshot below.

Appvalley website

Step 3: Immediately a pop-up tutorial showcase. Read it carefully, then click on “go to settings“, a pop-up message will showcase with this text would like to install “AppValley”

Below the text click on install. That’s all for the downloading aspects with this method.

Step 4: After download, the settings configuration will show up, click on trust. If the verification and trust setting doesn’t show up automatically. Then

Step 5: Go back to your phone home and click on the app you just downloaded. A message will appear with this text.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer.

“iPhone distribution: Shenzhen Yunxun Technology Co., Ltd.” has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise will not available for use.

Cancel it and quickly move to your phone settings.

Step 6: Under phone settings navigate to Profile & Device Management. Click on “Shenzhen Yunxun Technology Co..”

Step 7: Click on “Trust Shenzhen Yunxun Technology Co., L…” in the next pop up, click on trust again.

Now the installation is complete and ready to start working.

Method 2.

This is just like website bookmarking so you don’t actually need to download the app again or visit the website via browsers. But the first method is the best.

Step 1: Go-to the apps and games section of the official website here with your safari browser.

Step 2: Look at the bottom of the browser.
click on the up-arrow icon, then click on add to home screen. That’s all.

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How To Fix Appvalley Cannot Download/Problems.

Alot of people are complaining about experiencing download problem. I believe there are few reasons why this is happening.

I have gathered some tips, I think they will be of helpful. Here are they:

  • Make sure you connection is strong enough.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Make sure you use safari browser when downloading.
  • Check and ensure that your date and time is correct.
  • Make sure you have the xtender app.

How To Use Appvalley iOS App.

I don’t think anyone will find it difficult to use this app, because it’s super easy to use and understand.

But let me give you quick guide.

Step 1: Open the website or app.

Step 2: Go to your search box/bar and type the name of the app and games you want to download.

Step 3: Locate the app or game that you want to install, then Click on “Get

Step 4: Download and Enjoy. That’s all.

Appvalley IOS And Android App Alternatives.

For the android users, as I promised this section is for you. This alternative apps may have different functions, but the main downloading task is available in all.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers.

Que: Why is appvalley app crashing?
Ans: I believe that the error is coming from your phone. So I suggest you restart your phone, if it’s over heated allow it to cool down. Remember to install xtender app as it helps to avoid revokes.

Que: Why is appvalley moviebox not working?

Ans: Moviebox isn’t working on your phone because you probably downloaded the outdated version. If I may ask. Have you been using this app initially? If yes then you need to install xtender app.

Que: Appvalley or tweakbox, which one is better?.

Ans: This is a million questions, but from my own end I think tweakbox app is better, because apart from downloading, you can still make little cash from it.

Que: Is appvalley a jailbreak?

Ans: Appvalley is no jailbreak, so don’t even think of it. It’s just a legit third-party iOS app installer.

Now Your Turn.

What do you have to say on appvalley iOS and Android app. Did you successfully download it for your android phone from another source and it’s working perfectly? Or did you experience any difficulty while using this app. Please let us know via the comment and don’t forget to share with friends and family.


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