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I believe you are here simply because you want to download Foxfi Key Apk Full Version to unlock the Foxfi and PdaNet+ premium features. Don’t worry we are always here for you. It’s time to say No to Bluetooth, tethering and hotspot restriction.

Just like the Bluetooth USB gadget for computers that allows you to transfer files from one device or computer to another through Bluetooth even without the Bluetooth built-in in the computer. This might sound magical to newbies and non-techy savvy.

Note: The app developer claims that it’s works on all android smartphone. But is it true? No!, I have seen some many people complaining about foxfi Key not working for them after purchase. But I won’t allow you to make such mistakes, So What is my suggestion? My suggestion is that you download the free Foxfi or PdaNet+ from Google Play Store, use it for at least 3 days. If it works perfectly without breaking up the network then you are good to go. And don’t forget that the step by step download guide is ready for you here.

To Cut the story short. Let’s get the app informations and download button ready.

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  • App Name: Foxfi key (Support PdaNet)
  • Developers: Foxfi Softwar.
  • Last Update: July 10, 2017
  • File Size: 56.18KB
  • Version: 1.04

Remember, For proper unlock confirmation, you PdaNet+ or Foxfi app will always show “Full version Unlocked” instead of “Upgrade To Full Version (10)/ Unlock Full Version, Avoid usage limit in free mode“.

Step By Step Download Guide.

Note: If you don’t want to pass through the back door and experience issues without support then follow this step by step guide.

Step 1: Download and install PdaNet+ or Foxfi free app here. If you have the free app already skip this step.

Step 2: Download foxfi Key apk file here.

Step 3: Install, activate and enjoy. If you don’t know how to activate then read the next section.

To my new friends who don’t know what is foxfi key or what we want to download.

Foxfi key app is an app that serves as key to unlock the premium features of this two apps ( Foxfi and PdaNet+). It’s just like lifetime certificate to use something paid for lifetime.

How To Activate Foxfi Key App.

It’s simpler than you think. But if you choose the difficult method thats when it becomes a little bit difficult.
The quick step to activate the key apk file is.

  1. Download the free app from play store or their official website.
  2. Go to google store and purchase the foxfi Key.
  3. Install it, automatically the free app is now unlocked. That’s all

Simple right?

Basically there are three methods to activate Foxfi key app.

  1. Purchasing And Installing From Playstore.
  2. Purchasing the foxfi lincense key from the official website and.
  3. Going through the back door.( that I won’t tell you how to do , but if you insist there are so many website that will teach you how to do that. But I don’t recommend it to my friends. Why? Because you can’t get premium support from the developers and sometimes you might be creating a loophole for thieves to use your internet connection.

Note: If you purchased the full version from Google Play Store you will NOT have a serial code and you should NOT need to enter one. Just install the “FoxFi Key” app from Play Store and that will unlock the full version of both PdaNet+ and FoxFi! You would only have been sent a serial code if the purchase was made from Paypal/our website.

Message From The Official developers.


  • No cracking or rooting is needed before you can use it.
  • It allows multiple connection at a go.
  • It’s strongly secured with WPA2.
  • Very easy to install, activate and operate .


  • It’s Simple, nothing bad about it.

Minimum Requirements To Operate Foxfi Key Apk Full Version.

They claim it works smoothly on all android smart phone, but the real single truth is No. As recommended in the note section above. I recommend you test the free app and see if it works out for you. But before that make sure your device can meet up with this requirements.

  • 2018 isn’t a stone age, so I believe every smart phone available now should be around v4.4.2 upwards.
  • Good and fast internet connection. This app does not speed up your internet connection, but creates a medium for you to share with other devices( for the Internet users).

Any other thing left should be up to your smart phone.

Final Verdict.

This is exactly how your PdaNet+ homepage screen will look like. This image is compressed so it might look blur.

Foxfi Key apk full version

I believe this is all I have for the foxfi Key apk full version download and it’s installation and usage tutorials. Soonest we will update you with PdaNet+ and Foxfi Alternatives. Just keep in touch and I know surely you have something to tell us. Why not the comment section below and share your idea, experience and opinions


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