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Are you an Android phone user? Do you delete android apps and games after use from your android phone? If yes, then there’s  one thing you must know. All the apps and games you delete from your phone creates a some specific folders and files attached to the main app, so even after deleting the main app, this folders and files will still be existing in the phone, thereby covering a little or large amount of space. However with SD maid pro apk you can clean up this files and folders with just one click.

A lot of people feel frustrated seeing their phones space almost filled without having too many files, documents, apps, multimedia and games in it. Some wonder what might be the fault. Is this phone having fake storage? What is covering all this spaces in my phone.

Today I say to you, if you don’t have big files in your phone, then 35% of your phone storage is covered by junk files.

To those of you that uses Es File Explorer, I believe you receive space report analysis on daily basis. SD maid pro is similar to Es File Explorer, but has a little difference.

SD maid pro is a premium tool that worths more than its price. I will not say that it’s free, but it’s almost free. This app is currently less than $5, but prices differs based on location, From my country the app is  $0.66

But the free version is available with few important limitations. To download this you have to Pay.

Download SD Maid Free

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About SD Maid Pro.

SD maid pro apk

SD maid pro is a premium/paid android app, it’s an extension to the SD maid app, with a this pro app all necessary features that are locked in the free app are unlocked.

Apart from managing android phone space, it also scan and give accurate statistics of your phone, optimizes phone database and gives you access to control all apps and games in your phone.

Lest I forget, let me give you Summary Information about this app.

  • App Name:  SD Maid.
  • App Extension Name:  SD Maid Pro Unlocker.
  • App Developer:  Darken.
  • Last Update: 2018
    Rating: 3+
  • Downloads: 10 million+

Features Of SD Maid Pro.

This is a must have utility app every smart phone user need to buy and have. Here is the features of this app.

It helps detect duplicate files.

This app feature helps you detect duplicate files in the phone, this alone will save you some stress.

It Automatically Maintain Space Usage Through Schedule.

No need of constantly going deep into the phone and apps in order to maintain. All you just need to do is one time app maintenance schedule setting and that’s all.

It Cleans Up Apps Files Without Losing Important Data.

All android phone stores the app file and the application itself.
Just imagine I downloaded an app with 150mb file size, immediately after installing the app, it automatically becomes two( the file and the app) which is times two now.

But with this app, immediately after installing, it will request a permission to delete the app file(not the apps setting and it’s folders).

It Gives You Access To Control All Apps In The Phone.

This features allows you to know the apps that are running in the phone, and it also allow give you access to reproduce the app file( this is the most amazing feature).

It Provide Accurate Storage Analysis.

The SD maid pro apk gives you analysis of your space usage like others app does. You can also force move files in the phone storage with this app to SD card without interruption.

There are also 10+ features that are not listed here.

Minimum Requirements To Install SD Maid Pro Apk.

This App has to deal with your phone storage, so do endeavor to meet up with their requirements.

  • Since it’s a space manager app, your phone must have options that gives access to apps to access your phone memory.
  • Rooted devices maybe needed, but not official specified.
  • Your phone must be v4.4 upwards.

How To Install And  Use SD Maid Pro App

Step 1: Firstly, you have to install the SD maid app from Google Play Store. If you haven’t download it, then download and install below.

Step 2: After you have successfully installed this app, head on to Google Play Store pay and download the SD maid pro unlocker.

Step 3:

SD maid request setup

You will be required to do few necessary set up, this set up demands for you to grant the app access to your phone storage.

Step 4:

Phone access success message

After you receive a success setup pop up message, it’s now your turn to set the scheduler, clean unwanted apps and files, check duplicated data and delete.

You don’t have to be a smart phone geek to do this, all this task buttons are provided clearly and the app is very simple to navigate.

SD Maid Pro Apk Free Alternative.

I have used this two apps and the difference is clear, one don’t have the features the other have.

The alternative app am saying is no other app than Es File Explorer it’s performs almost similar task with SD maid. Almost all the features available in SD maid is available in Es File Explorer except the scheduler and others miscellaneous features.

  Download Es File Explorer

The Es File Explorer has tons of features and all are free.

But I will not discourage you from purchasing the SD maid pro unlocker, because all android apps are never the same.

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Now Your Turn.

What do you have to say about SD maid pro apk and its free alternative. Was the apps helpful to you? Or did you experience bug while using them?. Feel free to talk to us via comment section below.


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