skull mp3 music downloader pro

This apps claims to be one of the best music downloader app, but can you actually download music with skull mp3 music downloader pro?

The answer is big NO. My answer is no from my experience.

But, don’t worry I discovered the best alternative app to skull mp3 downloader.

But before I share the alternative app with you I will love to share my odd experience with this buggy app.

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro Buggy Experience.

I recently wanted to download music with different apps, so I decided to download the best music downloader app one after the other.

I used the techradar music downloader app ranking to download one after the other. but when I used this app, I noticed that it was just a waste of data to download the app.

Don’t worry it seems am making it look like a story, Soon I will highlight the places filled with bug with screenshot attached.

App Last Update Was 2016.

Pretty old, sorry to say this, I don’t even know if the developer(s) are still alive or they have started up with another project. I also noticed that the app on play store or something like that has a lot bad reviews.

Forever Music Search.

This is funny when I tried searching for Kanye West  music with my data connection on.

I ate my dinner, played with my nephew and what next? OK played football, but the app was still searching for Kanye West  musics. Oppps.

music searching bug
After searching and waiting for over a long time.

The next pop up I received is ” Please Check your device internet connection.

I was just forced to quickly quit the app and uninstall.

You can see the never stops searching in the screenshot below.

Keeps Demanding For Star Rating.

This app does not even deserve 1 star rating, but because of the stresses the developer(s) passed through I will give them 3 stars.

Redirecting To Unknown Page In Google Store.

I also tried to looking for the original/updated version of this app from playstore but all to no avail it only say, “results not found”.

In conclusion, skull mp3 music downloader pro is just a crap, I just can’t differentiate the original app and the fake, the one available on play store has 6000+ bad reviews, what the hell!.

Now let’s head on to the best skull music downloader alternative.

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro Alternative.

skull mp3 music downloader pro

I believe that there are thousands of apps out there that can be good alternative, but I just have one for now which is my favorite app.

Unlike others that has frustrating ads, this app is excluded, I have used it and it is working.

Very easy to use app with good user interface, no bug experience so far. Though it’s not available on play store, but it’s available in Appstore for iPhone users.

Can be used on iPhone, android and PC without limitation, musics available for download are free.

To download this app, quickly follow the steps in the post link given below.

  1. Go-to our website post on music paradise pro downloader here.
  2. Follow the third method, for quick download.
  3. Enjoy.

But the benefits of downloading using the second method is that you will have access to download other apps that aren’t available on play store, so it’s now your choice.

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Now Your Turn.

What do you have to say about this skull mp3 music downloader pro? Did you experience this bugs stated above or you enjoyed the app?


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